Pearl Fire

Dry Chemical Powder

Pearl Fire offers a range of Dry Chemical Powder extinguishing systems ranging from the 75Lb Dry Chemical skid to the 500Lb Gorilla PKW Dry Chemical  Vessel.

The Williams’ “PKW™” is a highly specialized siliconized Purple-K that is one of the most effective dry chemicals used to extinguish flammable and/or combustible pressurized liquid fires.  When used in conjunction with Hydro-Chem™ Technology it effectively controls and extinguishes pressurized or three dimensional “Class B” liquid fires.  Its distinctively deep purple color provides the fire fighter with the ability to stay ON-TARGET when projected to the fire within the foam and/or water stream.  The result, when combined with Hydro-Chem™ Technology is the ability to achieve a quicker and more efficient “knockdown,” and extinguishment.